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What to Do When Ofsted Calls: Basic Tips For Early Years Settings

Getting the dreaded Ofsted call is never an easy moment for any early years setting, but ensuring that you have the tips and knowledge to prepare the basics for when the inspector arrives it will help you, your staff and your setting thrive not just survive.

1. Stay calm

As a manager or head it’s important to remain calm, confident and in control as this will have a positive effect on your staff and put them at ease. Your staff will be nervous about being inspected and they need to see that the person in charge is in control. This may be easier said than done but try relaxation techniques the night before, such as yoga. Be sure to remember to focus on the brilliant work you and your staff do with the children each day!

2. Prepare a checklist

A simple step is to organise a list to remember to have nearby and filed correctly, such as certificates, Pupil Premium information and children's Learning Journeys including reports and assessments. Having them to hand will save time and reduce your stress in case you are asked swiftly to show these to the inspector that visits.

3. Get advice

This is one to keep in mind all of the time even if Ofsted haven’t picked up the phone yet. Check out advice online through the government website (www.gov.uk) about good practice in early years, as well as case studies or reports on Good and Outstanding settings and how the’ve achieved that grading. This is information is easy to find and free, it can really put you at ease and give you ideas on how to improve the quality of your setting.

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