EExBA made easy

Here at LearningBook we want to make your baseline assessments as effortless as possible for you to complete, therefore not only do we support the import from EExBA to LearningBook, we offer the ability to export and convert your standard LearningBook EYFS baseline assessment into EExBA format. This means you only have to do one baseline assessment for your children rather than two separate ones! 

Use your EYFS assessments and observations for EExBA

Early Excellence has been selected by the DfE as one of the three approved baseline assessors. Their assessment is the only one that does not include predetermined tasks or tests. Instead, practitioners will observe the child, gather information from teachers and parents, and make a series of judgements using clear assessment criteria within the principles and practices of the current EYFS.

However, the EExBA creates an extra task for you and your colleagues as EY Professionals. The statements used in their baseline assessments do not match exactly with the Standard Areas and Aspects of the EYFS. As part of your subscription with LearningBook we take the standard EYFS LearningBook baseline assessments you are familiar with and produce the EExBA at a click of a button. This makes your life simpler and easier. We offer this service as part of LearningBook at no extra cost. 

If you have any questions about LearningBook or EExBA, please drop us an e-mail or call one of our support team on 0845 557 8420.

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