Day Nurseries & Childminders

LearningBook liberates nursery nurses and childminders from the limitations and constraints of paperwork, freeing you up to focus on the children and their care and education.

Learning journeys made simple

Nursery nurses and childminders can spend many hours a week working on learning journeys, from recording and compiling observations to linking them to the EYFS - not to mention time spent compiling data for tracking reports. With LearningBook, staff are able to make video, photo, voice or text observations via a SmartTablet, link to the relevant area within the EYFS and send to the digital learning journey all in less than a minute. Progress reports can be produced at the click of a button and all reports can be generated by individuals or any grouping you wish to see.

With LearningBook, your day nursery or childminding business can:

  • Make observations using text, video, photo or voice and link to the EYFS in less than a minute.
  • Save up to 7 hours per week per staff member.
  • Develop and strengthen your partnership with parents to meet Ofsted recommendations.
  • Generate progress tracking reports quickly and easily without spending hours inputting data.
  • See what activities the child does at home and choose to use these as part of the child’s learning journey.
  • Share step by step guides on how your day nursery or child minding business supports each stage in the EYFS areas of learning with parents.

Give your staff the right tools to do the job

Re-energise your nursery by giving staff the capability that helps them deliver the early years curriculum to its full and true potential.

EYPs and nursery nurses need to feel confident in the processes your nursery has in place to deliver a valuable learning experience that is comprehensive, holistic and most importantly, fun. By giving your staff the bigger picture, LearningBook enables better EYFS planning and a concise understanding of individual or group progression. With more information to hand, early years staff are able to flag up any gaps in learning, plan next steps and have a clearer view of how children are progressing.

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“It’s really quick, and it makes observations fun. Everything is in one place, and we can add to them, review them and correct them. It means we can spend more time with the children.” - Stacey Tiffany, Nursery Nurse