We pride ourselves on our expertise in both the technology and EYFS sectors. Find the answers to your questions and queries below, whether you’re a parent or member of staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I use LearningBook with our own tablet/smartphone? Why isn’t LearningBook available on the iPad or Android tablets for download?

It is a safeguarding best-practice for early years settings to restrict mobile devices and cameras due to fears around sharing images; it would be very easy to share an image of a child on a social network via, say, a mobile phone or tablet. LearningBook’s locked down ‘SmartTablets’ are closed; they cannot be used to access Facebook, YouTube or email to distribute images either intentionally or unintentionally. So practitioners enjoy all the benefits technology brings with none of the fears.

Why shouldn’t I choose the cheapest available learning journey service?

The old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is particularly apt for Digital Learning Journeys. £30 may be a low initial cost for a service, but concerns about the business’ sustainability, information security, availability and support services may increase the cost exponentially through wasted time alone. Perhaps the right question to ask yourself is: "What impact would it have on my school or nursery if my observation data was no longer available to me?" Recently solutions have closed their doors simply because their low-price solution was not sustainable.

Where is the information stored, who controls it and who owns it?

LearningBook data is stored in our secure datacentres. Your school or nursery remains in full control of the data at all times, although we do take regular backups so that any data issues can be quickly addressed. LearningBook makes no claims over ownership of your data at any point.

What information is, or should be made available to parents?

This decision is entirely down to your school or nursery. You have complete control over parent access from changing their password to disabling their logons. You can also show or hide individual observations from the parental view as well as allowing assessment reports to be viewed online.

Can I pay for the system outright or do I have to pay the annual subscription charge each year?

LearningBook is billed on a rolling annual subscription basis. This helps to spread the cost of your software and makes budgeting easier. It ensures that you always have the latest version of the software available – no more nasty surprises when it comes to upgrade time.

What happens when the child leaves the school / nursery or finishes with the EYFS curriculum?

Parents have two options: They can keep request their child's learning journey from you to download a PDF version and email, share or print the learning journey for parents. Or they can purchase quality, bespoke hardback book volumes or view-only, PIN protected memory stick which contains an offline version of their child's learning journey.

How many log-on accounts do the parents get?

Parents get two log-on accounts as standard. They can choose to use both themselves or allow one to be used by extended family that might want to acces the child's learning journey.

What level of support do I get and how does it work?

LearningBook offers support through our online support page, guides, videos and FAQs. We also offer e-mail and telephone support Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm to help you with any queries you may have.

Can I input data from other schools or nurseries as the class moves?

It depends where and how the information is stored. We'll certainly look at this for you and help where we can. Unlike LearningBook, most other providers don't support moving data around! We are currently working at making our observation data compatible with KS1 and beyond so you can carry the information forward throughout as well.

What reports are available for staff, my SLT and regulators such as Ofsted?

LearningBook has a wealth of reports all centred on the innovative feature called auto-assessments. Baseline and Summative Assessments are automatically generated based on observed evidence and summary reports for stage, attainment and child progress are available for individuals and groups.