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LearningBook is a Digital Learning Journey where you can observe, track and view information on a child’s progress easily and securely.

Leave outdated and time consuming methods behind

We give teachers the time and capability they need to deliver the EYFS curriculum to its full potential by streamlining traditional and time consuming ways of compiling learning journeys. By using smart, safe technology, LearningBook cuts the time staff spend on this area in half by allowing them to capture observations digitally using the SmartTablet, link them to the EYFS curriculum and upload them to a digital learning journey.

With LearningBook, schools and pre schools can:

  • Make observations using text, video, photo or voice and link to the EYFS in less than a minute.
  • Save up to 7 hours per week per staff member.
  • Develop and strengthen your partnership with parents in line with Ofsted recommendations.
  • Generate progress tracking, attainment and summary reports quickly and easily without spending hours entering data.
  • See what activities the child does at home and choose to use these as part of the child’s learning journey.
  • Create your own guides and share information on how your school or pre school teaches each area of the EYFS curriculum with parents.

Build better, stronger partnerships with parents

We’ll help you find a better way of involving and engaging parents around their child’s early years education in order to give the child the support they deserve both in the classroom and at home.

No one knows a child better than their parents, which is why developing a strong link between home and school is key to EYFS learning. Using a paper-based system, it’s very difficult to encourage and actively support parents when it comes to interacting with their children’s learning. Ofsted encourage schools to develop stronger partnerships with parents, but teachers’ time is precious and parents’ evenings simply aren’t enough to provide transparency and build confidence around EYFS learning journeys. By making learning journeys accessible, LearningBook is changing the way teachers and parents interact around early years education for the better.

Record and track progress automatically

Pull up advanced and detailed reports on individual children or groups to produce progress and attainment summaries and benchmark against national figures to see how your school is performing in early years education at the click of a button. Information is compiled automatically based on the evidence gathered in the observation capture and can be amended by ‘professional judgement’. There is no need to re-enter any data in order to get reports or meet the demands of local authorities.

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“LearningBook has not only improved staff morale due to the amount of time it saves, but it’s also made it so much easier to benchmark ourselves and meet Ofsted criteria when it comes to the learning journeys” - Kirstie Scott, Reception Teacher