We understand the requirements of early years ICT and bring the highest levels of security, expertise and capability in our technology.

Smart, secure technology

We put security at the core of everything we do. Our technology has been designed by experts to offer the highest levels of security to keep children’s information safe and promote their learning.

LearningBook’s security principles include:

  • Our SmartTablet only runs LearningBook. It’s not possible to install any other apps or software onto the device so you can’t link to the Internet, e-mail or Facebook to share the information.
  • The LearningBook software cannot be installed on any other device and is not available to download via AppStores or similar.
  • The SmartTablet is large, bright and clearly branded and is very recognisable as a LearningBook product, so you can make sure there are no other devices in the classroom capable of transmitting information.
  • Each SmartTablet is password protected and can be wiped remotely in the event of theft or loss. All data is encrypted on the device and is stored on our secure servers which have enterprise-level security measures in place.
  • There is no way for data to be sent anywhere outside of LearningBook. Data, including photos and videos, cannot be downloaded, transmitted or transferred anywhere.

More secure than any other solution

LearningBook offers sophisticated security measures where other methods are lacking. By using our own camera app to capture observations and locking down access to the Internet, e-mail and other social media sites, we help Safeguard your children and guarantee data privacy. Our SmartTablets cannot be used to take inappropriate images and distribute these as 'use your own tablets' solutions can. We keep the data safe from both malicious access and unauthorised distribution. LearningBook ensures that all photos, videos and other media are stored securely only accessible to authorised people.

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