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The Ofsted Survival Guide: How to thrive not just survive - The definitive guide to early years Ofsted inspections

Little Explorers: Growing interest in healthy eating - The definitive guide to active learning in early years

Little Explorers: Exercise in early years - The definitive guide to active learning in early years

Learning outside the classroom: Increase parental engagement with Digital Learning Journeys

Introducing the Digital Learning Journey: A guide for early years professionals

Safeguarding children in a digital world: A guide to using technology in early years settings

Observe, Assess, Plan: A guide to EYFS planning for Schools and Nurseries

Learning Journeys: The definitive guide for Early Years professionals

Little Explorers: How to promote learning through play - A guide for Schools and Nurseries

How to build a great relationship with parents: A guide for Headteachers and Nursery Managers

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Partnerships with parents: A quick guide to better communication

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Get to know LearningBook with our series of videos

See how LearningBook makes recording observations, producing assessments and reports and engaging parents quicker and simpler for Early Years settings.

Introduction to LearningBook

James Huntington introduces LearningBook and explains how we make the art of learning journeys quicker, simpler and more useful for staff and…

Record and link observations in less than 30 seconds

With our SmartTablet, staff can make EYFS observations through video, photo, text or voice recording.

Produce progess, attainment and summary reports

Pull up advanced and detailed reports on individual children or groups to produce progress and attainment summaries…

Parents; engage with every step of your child’s learning

LearningBook gives parents a smart, flexible way to review and interact with their child’s early years education by transforming the link…

LearningBook Customer Testimonial – Faith Robyn

Nursery Manager Faith Robyn discusses how LearningBook has transformed the way she is able to monitor the progress of children and how this in…

LearningBook Customer Testimonial – Mr Walker

Head Teacher Mr Andrew Walker discusses how LearningBook has improved engagement and assessment throughout his school and how it supports the…

LearningBook Customer Testimonial – Stacey Tiffany

Nursery Nurse Stacey Tiffany describes her thoughts on how LearningBook improves the quality of observations and saves her time.

LearningBook Customer Testimonial – Emma Smith

Emma Smith talks about how accessing LearningBook securely at home has really helped her family understand how her daughter is progressing at…

LearningBook Customer Testimonial – Abi Pomerantz

Teacher and EYFS Lead Abi Pomerantz explains what LearningBook delivers to her children and how it improves Parent/Teacher engagement….

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